The Colony takes a group of people and puts them in various end of the world scenarios. The first season took place in an abandoned warehouse in a run down area of Los Angeles, and the second season took place in a hurricane destroyed town in Louisiana. [1]

Things learned from this show.

The first group passed by solar cells on their way to their warehouse. They also had solar cells on the roof across the street. They did not notice this at all until most of their time there was done, then one of them decided to mention where he remembered seeing some. Previously they decided to just burn a lot of wooden pallets to make wood gas for their power supply.

They built an elevated area for water to be heated by the sun, wrapping it in packaging material to make it insulate heat better, and used this for their shower.

The second group used a car alternator to make electricity, attaching it to a windmill made from boards from a fence they took down.

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