As gasoline goes bad after its one to two years old, you can't rely on it forever. Producing alcohol/ethanol to power things can be an important skill to have.

How to make it from sugarEdit

Dump the sugar into some water. Leave it be, and it magically turns to pure alcohol.

Sugarcane is a far better way to make ethanol than using corn. The Shell fuel company has a webpage explaining how they turn sugarcane into ethanol. [1] A ton of sugarcane equals 22 gallons/85 liters of ethanol.

How to make ethanol from corn or potatoesEdit

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How to make ethanol from honeyEdit

Jerusalem artichokeEdit

It is said that you can grow Jerusalem artichokes on just five acres of land, two harvests a year, and produce 10,000 gallons of ethanol. You harvest the green stalks before they flower.

Other sourcesEdit

Switchgrass, sugar beats, and other things can be used to make ethanol. Which ones can be done on your own backyard, and which of those are best, are unknown at this time. If you find out, edit this information here please.

How to purifying alcohol from existing sources to make it pure enough to use for fuelEdit

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